Shortlisted for the 2015 Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award

Tom Bettany is working at a meat-processing plant in France when he gets a voicemail from an Englishwoman he doesn’t know telling him his estranged 26-year-old son is dead – Liam Bettany fell from his London balcony, where he was smoking pot.

Now for the first time in years, Bettany returns home to find out the truth about his son’s death. But more than a few people are interested to hear that he’s back in town, from incarcerated mob bosses to those in the highest echelons of MI5. He might have thought he’d left his past behind him, but nobody ever really walks away…

“New readers won’t be disappointed … Fast-moving and deeply cynical, yet thoroughly heartfelt, this is a first-rate modern thriller” –
Mail on Sunday (Thriller of the Week)

“A superb thriller … Well-drawn characters complement plotting that’s convoluted but never opaque or formulaic. Herron may be the most literate, and slyest, thriller writer in English today” – Publishers Weekly (starred review):

“Blackly comic … fine, characteristic touches are plentiful”
– Sunday Times

“Herron strips his revenge story to the bone, paring away unnecessary characters, episodes, speeches and gestures to produce a violent little elegy that grows both more clever and more sour as it hurtles along”
– Kirkus Reviews

“The Brits seem to have a lock on clapped-out intelligence agents, and this savvy literary stand-alone by the author of the 2013 Crime Writers’ Association Gold Dagger-winning Dead Lions is an affectionate nod to the likes of John le Carré” –
Library Journal

Soho Crime * hb * ISBN 978-1-60695-486-4