A man with a gun breaks into a South Oxford school, and nursery teacher Louise Kennedy knows there’s not likely to be a happy ending… But Jaime isn’t there on a homicidal whim, and is as scared as the hostages he’s taken. While an armed police presence builds up outside, he’ll only talk to Ben Whistler, an MI6 accountant who worked with his lover, Miro. Miro’s gone missing, along with a huge sum of money. Jaime doesn’t believe Miro’s a thief – though he certainly had secrets. But then, so does Louise; so do the other hostages; and so do some of those on the outside, who’d much rather Jaime was silenced…

“[A] masterful thriller. . . . The intricate plot, coupled with Herron’s breezy writing style, results in superior entertainment that makes most other novels of suspense appear dull and slow-witted by comparison.”—Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)
Robinson * pb * ISBN 978-1-84529-970-5