A middle-aged woman dies under the wheels of a train, and her lover fails to turn up at the funeral, so Oxford private investigator Zoë Boehm is hired to find him. Already struggling to come to terms with her own violent past and its damaging effect on her future, life gets even more complex for Zoë as she attempts to unlock the secrets of a woman she’s never met, in search of a man who might be anyone . . . But as her investigations lead her nearer to the hearts of two very different kinds of criminal, she starts to wonder whether the man she’s looking for has found her first. And, if he has, whether that’s going to make her another victim – or prove to be her salvation.

“With its vivid descriptions … and unexpected clues …
The Last Voice You Hear is stylish and engaging.” – Washington Post

Soho Constable * pb * ISBN 978-1-56947-567-6