A terrific spy novel … Frictionless plotting, sublime dialogue.
Ian Rankin

Spook Street cover

Immensely satisfying and utterly brilliant.
Sarah Hilary

Mick Herron is an incredible writer and if you haven’t read him yet, you NEED to. Smart, darkly comic and hugely addictive.
Mark Billingham

A captivating series where the intelligence services’ misfits and screw-ups become the useful tools of Herron’s quite magnificent creation, Jackson Lamb.
Christopher Brookmyre

Splendid … Typically droll and outlandish.
John Dugdale, Sunday Times

Spook Street
is a superb novel – fast-paced, original, witty and completely satisfying on every level. I just can’t get enough of this brilliant series.
Antonia Hodgson

In the Slough House novels the spies actually talk to each other like human beings, in a constant round of beautifully scabrous teasing, bickering and negging … displays all the smoke-and-mirrors skill of the masters of the genre.
Jake Kerridge, Daily Telegraph

It’s not often a reviewer can say “you’ve never read anything quite like this” but it’s a safe encomium to use in the case of Mick Herron. The author’s idiosyncratic writing is unique in his genre: the spycraft of le Carré refracted through the blackly comic vision of Joseph Heller’s
Catch-22 … His sardonic humour is wedded to genuine tension … Herron’s cutting dialogue is, as ever, priceless.
Barry Forshaw, Financial Times

He is superb at evoking the le Carré-esque air of ennui, cynicism and self-loathing that permeates an intelligence service that is on its uppers but remains, the alternative being too awful to contemplate, duty bound to keep calm and carry on …
Spook Street is an absorbing tale peppered with fascinatingly flawed characters… Mick Herron has the great writer’s ability to persuade the reader that he or she alone is privy to an intimate conversation.
Declan Burke, Irish Times

Exhilaratingly cynical … Herron expertly guides us through an intricate concatenation of plots, delivering along the way caustic helpings of first-rate dialogue.
Victoria Nelson, Times Literary Supplement

The fourth instalment of a series which just gets better and better, Spook Street is written with a wry, sardonic wit that will make you laugh out loud as you are taken on a gripping thrill ride … the magnificent Jackson Lamb is developing into one of the most memorable figures in spy literature, putting Herron in the same class as Len Deighton and Graham Greene.
Jon Coates, Daily Express